The Verdict Is In And The Winners Of The Neblio Community Buildathon Are…

Read on to find out.

The 2020 Neblio Community Buildathon began as an idea thought up by members of the Neblio community back in June. After brainstorming ideas on the format we would use for the event, things started to accelerate and gain traction. The event itself would be community run and funded and after a successful crowdfund campaign, we managed to raise a decent amount of NEBL tokens for a prize fund which was to be shared out with three winners, the first placed team winning the biggest share of tokens. There was also a community vote which had a selection of great prizes for one winning team.

Running concurrently to the crowd funding campaign, community leaders began promoting the event itself through social media channels and other methods, to help raise awareness across the software developer community. Thanks to Neblio being a fully open sourced, dev friendly platform with APIs available in multiple programming languages, eight in total, our target and aim was to promote our event to the general and wider developer community rather than target ‘blockchain developers’. Blockchain tech development, we feel is not an alien technology or non related endeavour in relation to general games or application development and is something that can be learned and added to the developer’s skillset and expertise in addition to what they already know. Especially in the case of Neblio, the learning curve comes down further as there is no proprietary programming language which only a small number of developers know, as due to such a limitation, some blockchain platforms are plagued with error filled and buggy code, which could seriously compromise performance and security. As stated above, these issues are negated with Neblio’s blockchain architecture and instruction set.

Given what we knew about Neblio and it’s architecture, we wanted to set up an event that would put the platform to the test. We wanted to see if developers coming from a multitude of backgrounds and with knowledge and grounding in different programming languages, could quickly get going with experimenting and eventually integrating the blockchain into a project. Since August we had a good number of participants and non participants taking a look at and experimenting using the Neblio APIs. In our discord group, we had an increase in activity from devs using languages such as Ruby, C#, JavaScript, Python etc and within a short space of time, were successfully integrating Neblio code into their experimental applications or Buildathon project entries.

It is important to note that whilst we did have a good number of registrations, it was difficult to know how many in total were actively working on project submissions. Our event was also taking place against a backdrop with a public health crisis and so it was difficult to know what may have impacted participants during this time and as a result, we didn’t quite get the number of finished projects that we had anticipated. With that being said, the submissions we did receive were of a high standard as far as hackathon projects go, were well thought out and had successfully integrated Neblio with functional demo type applications with usable features, with a view to continue development turning those starter projects into actual fully developed apps/games.

As far as non buildathon activity goes, we saw an uptick in interest from other developers currently in our group and more curiosity about blockchain app and game development from other devs that had also joined. There is currently a few that are experimenting with the Neblio blockchain and they may well have projects going live at some point in the not too far away future. So generally speaking, the event has brought Neblio and blockchain to the attention of many more developers and a more diverse audience than just the usual blockchain community. We have also had dialogue with game and software studios, who have shown some interest in this tech as it solves a few problems in some key areas of game development, for example, micropayments being used for in game transactions. There is also the possibility for blockchain to be used as anti cheat systems within games to stop people cheating during gameplay. We believe and will continue to advocate for the integration of blockchain in games both indie and mainstream AAA titles, as well as other applications across the different hardware platforms, including Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Overall we believe the buildathon has been a great success and a springboard for more developer activity on the Neblio blockchain in the short term and of course the longer term, as we move forward with more demand for blockchain based solutions across the connected IoT landscape. For those who are still unfamiliar with the Neblio blockchain, do check out their official website and their medium page for all the latest articles and follow the core team on twitter if you’d like to get in touch or follow their activity.

Finally it is time to reveal the winners of the Inaugural Neblio buildathon. We have the final results in from our community vote for the community’s favourite project, best in category awards and the main judges vote for the best projects overall. It is with great pleasure to reveal the winning teams and their projects.

Community Vote Winner
Bolas Mars Society - Mars One: Genesis

Best In category
Technical Innovation
Neblio Demos - Forge Wallet

Design/User Experience
IntegrumX - BloodMoon

Bolas Mars Society - Mars One: Genesis

Overall Buildathon 2020 Winners
Neblio Demos - Forge Wallet

IntegrumX - BloodMoon

Bolas Mars Society - Mars One: Genesis

Congratulations to our winning teams who have produced and submitted outstanding projects, which surpassed expectations of the judges and organisers and are already making a big impression on the community. Teams have shown an excellent understanding of blockchain fundamentals and incorporated them in interesting ways. While all projects share some commonality with each other due to gaming being an underlying theme, they all exhibit diverse characteristics and upon testing out and reading the accompanying submission literature from each team, Judges became aware of how deep and well thought out each submission was and were impressed with what teams had in mind, with regards to how the Neblio blockchain will see further integration and refinement as the projects continue to be developed.

Judges would like participants to know that after very careful consideration and examination of each entry, that Neblio Demos with Forge Wallet was the overall best submission followed by IntegrumX with BloodMoon and Bolas Mars Society with Mars One: Genesis respectively. They are also extremely excited to see how the projects develop in the coming weeks and months and hope teams will continue to provide updates on progress.

A big thumbs up for our winners from everyone at Developer Central and Neblio and look forward to seeing more great projects in our next event. A huge shout out to all who contributed, including the Neblio Core Team, the participants, the community both Neblio and the wider crypto and developer community, prize sponsors and everyone else who has shown interest in our event and the work we do. Let’s make the next one even bigger!

Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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