Ready Set Build! Registrations Open

Attention everyone: We have extended the duration of the event by one month. More information on that here

The Neblio Community Buildathon and Game jam is now underway. We are pleased to announce that through our community organised prize funding campaign, we have now raised 5180 NEBL with the Neblio Core team matching the community’s donations shortly (up to 5000 Nebl) That takes the total prize fund up above 10,000 NEBL which will be divided among the top three winning developers overall, with 1st place getting the biggest share, 50% of the total prize fund! See Buildathon website for the full breakdown.

Neblio core team have just matched community donations upto 5000 NEBL so the total now stands at 10,183.67 NEBL in the prize fund for buildathon winners.

We still also have a great selection of prizes for the community vote winner who will take the entire stack of sponsored prizes! It is all to play for so give it your best shot and most of all, enjoy the experience learning blockchain based development and adding some new skills to your existing skillset.

How To Register as a participant

Firstly a warm welcome from everyone at Neblio Developer Central and if you are taking part in our inaugural buildathon event, keep reading on about how to register as a participating developer or team.

  1. Open
  2. Have a look through the page if you want to check out the rules, prize information etc. Once you are ready, hit the Developer/Team registration button which will take you to a short registration form.
  3. The first two fields are self explanatory but the third field may be something new to some of you and that is your own personal Neblio or NEBL wallet address for a web or desktop wallet. These wallets will hold your private keys for the NEBL/NTP1 coins that are stored securely on the blockchain. Wallets, addresses and tokens are things you will have to familiarize yourself with and use during the course of all stages of the development process.
  4. You will need to download the Neblio Core desktop wallet, or set up an orion web wallet to generate an address. Select the core wallet for the operating system that you use from this page Once downloaded, run the application, sync and backup the wallet. Locate and provide the wallet address in the relevent registration form field. (4b) For the web wallet, visit Look up and make a note of the 12 word recovery phrase. This is needed to backup/restore a wallet. Then provide the wallet address in the form field. The web wallet setup is quicker as there is nothing to download and it is not syncing the blockchain, but you will need to download the core desktop wallet at some point in order to start developing. Once you have filled out all fields and are happy with the rules hit register and you are all signed up and ready to go!

Feel free to read through the Buildathon FAQ which also has information about Neblio and use case examples.

The submission window will open on September 16th and close on September 30th so please keep those dates in mind.

Stay up to date with all things Buildathon and interact with the Neblio community via:

Our Twitter account

Our Telegram group

Neblio official discord server (buildathon channel)

See you guys at the finish line! Good luck!




Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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