Neblio Projects Development Update

NFTs, Mars missions, robots! It’s all happening on Neblio in 2021!

It’s the new year and things are getting very interesting in the world of Neblio dApp and game development. We are pleased to see the three winning entries from the Neblio buildathon are still grinding hard and working on their projects. The winning entry, Forge, has been forging ahead with development and are releasing their Neblio layer 2 NFT art and gaming platform on February 1st in beta. They have also been quite active on Twitter and in the dev central discord server, keeping the community informed, posting frequent updates and engaging with artists and game developers.

Here is something we have been working on and have put together. It is a visualisation of the growing Neblio ecosystem based on current developer activity. Starting with the Neblio blockchain as the base technology, we can visualize in this mind map, the core use cases, as well as those being developed by third party companies and developers, showing the potential reach once those applications are live.

Download in better quality here

As we can see, even with just two major projects in development, the potential to onboard people from all kinds of industries and backgrounds is huge. If you take Forge for example and follow the map, you can see how many connections can be made once a developer begins utilizing it’s SDK. Alternatively, looking at the art side of Forge, artists can mint an NFT of their artwork, send it across to a market place and art gallery and gain exposure and sales from art collectors and potential buyers. When zooming out, all roads lead back to Neblio, where the movement of tokens across the network be they as a store of value or data, will confirm that the chain is active and in use.

We will update this mind map as more projects built utilizing Neblio are revealed. It is by no means a 100% accurate snapshot of progress as there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but it is a useful guide and projection, designed to give our readers a general idea of what is being built on Neblio and how the ecosystem is starting to take shape.

Here is a run down of current progress from developers working on projects utilizing the Neblio blockchain.

Forge NFT Platform

They have also shared a a very cool video showing a NFT being transferred from one Forge wallet to another over the Neblio blockchain with an emphasis on speed and low transaction fees.

So what else has been revealed so far? Well, following the Forge Web wallet, NFT minting portal and marketplace being released during the beta launch, there will also be an interactive art gallery launching with the full platform release!

IPFS support is also pencilled in! Artists will be able to save source files in the InterPlanetary File System.

Finally, the most recent bit of news was regarding the game developer SDK for Unity3D. Devs would be able to create and integrate not only Forge NFTs, but also NEBL and NTP1 tokens!

The Forge hackathon for game developers and artists will also kick off on the day of the beta launch, with devs and artists developing a game or minting a piece of art via Forge and competing for a chance to win prizes. There is still time so if anyone is interested in taking part, info on how to enter can be found in the linked article within the tweet.

Mars One Genesis

Mars One: Genesis or MOG as it is now being abbreviated as, has amassed an impressive number of developers, 3D artists and other contributors since it’s early Neblio buildathon days. The team also partnered up with Nexus Aurora, a group of engineers, developers and other professionals, focused on developing Mars based projects and interactive experiences. There are many building blocks that still need putting together but great progress is being made in the many areas that will come together to make up the whole project.

An interesting bit of news was revealed regarding the finding of a suitable location to build the Genesis base on. Conditions on Mars are unlike those on Earth, so building a base on Mars takes a lot of research and planning. Since the Mars One team are building a simulation, it is logical that they will try to recreate what an actual base could be like. They also have other interesting plans and ideas which you can learn more about in the MOG discord server.

There was also a video clip posted of the Mars One Star ship which is looking quite nice, though of course still work to be done before anyone will be exploring it.


There has not been too many updates from the BloodMoon devs but they posted up this video showing off some head bob animation which you can see here. Graphically, BloodMoon is looking quite nice and detailed, being built in Unity3D using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) It could end up being a very nice looking FPS indie game title with Neblio blockchain integration at it’s core, being used for purchasing in-game items as the player make’s their way through the game world.

Production Line Tech application for automotive industry 4.0

Finally, we have news on an interesting project that appeared which is utilizing Neblio, integrated into a system under development, for a tokenized production line application for the multi billion dollar automotive industry. Details are vague at the moment, Tomas Svoboda, A Czech Republic based engineer, who is heading up a team, has dropped a demo of a robot arm interacting with the Neblio desktop wallet when a transaction is made. We got to say, it looks pretty cool and we are looking forward to seeing more experiments as well as a fully fledged project from this team in this field of automation and manufacturing, IoT and connected smart tech.

Neblio is very well suited to such use cases, due to it’s high real world TPS performance and powerful data management features. Also having support for multiple programming languages, many new blockchain based applications could be developed using Neblio APIs in this industry and others where companies could benefit from boosting efficiency, productivity and saving money.

According to the team, they will showcase something on the 31st of January, which they have been teasing over the past few days, dropping bits of info and pictures.

We are curious to see what will be revealed on the 31st of January from this team and are also very much looking forward to the launch of the Forge NFT platform which is going to connect game developers and gamers, artists and art collectors, all minting NFTs and creating content, whilst utilizing the Neblio blockchain for transactions.

We see this year as a big year for Neblio based app development, as it is now a mature and ready to use distributed platform with many well developed features, which will allow for the creation of some very interesting projects across several industries, in the near term and beyond.

More to come on the Forge NFT platform launch and other bits of news when we have it so stay tuned!

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