Neblio Platform Dev Activity & Ecosystem Update

Third Party Projects Integrating Neblio Solutions

Production Line Framework (PLF)
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  • Using Blockchain Technology as a Proof of Donation
  • Help Communities gain value
  • Providing families with clean drinking water
  • Making nutrition beneficial and available for all
  • Improving living standards

Third Party Neblio Software Frameworks and Services

Production Line Framework
PLF is a Neblio based software framework for production line management in the automotive and manufacturing industries

Proof of Concept, Experimental and Early Stage Development Applications

Block Tunes

Using Neblio APIs with Node-RED

Neblio Core Features Development Update

Cold Staking (Completed)

By Vladimir Ribakov

Closing Notes

The Neblio ecosytem is in the early stages of expansion but thanks to the four years of dedication and hard work from the Neblio core team, partners, community members and developers, we are starting to grow. A lot of focus in 2021 has been on building additional infrastructure on top of the already great core platform.



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