Neblio Core Team Will Match Total Buildathon Prize Fund Donations

The response towards the Neblio Community Buildathon has been a great one as interest continues to grow with the news that the Neblio core team will be matching total donations in the prize fund, up to 5000 NEBL (approximately $2620 at the time of writing) So let’s keep those donations coming in and hit 5000 for the team’s contribution to double that.

With a bigger prize fund, we can attract more developers to participate in the Buildathon and also generate greater interest in the event from people across the blockchain and crypto community. You can continue to donate to the prize fund in the usual way. Donation addresses can be found in the Buildathon website.

More Buildathon Updates To Come

Stay tuned for more updates as and when we have them. Big shout out to Neblio Demos YouTube channel who have some great content covering use case experiments and tutorials utilizing the Neblio Blockchain platform. They will also be providing Buildathon coverage over the course of the event so make sure you subscribe and follow their channel.

Changes To The Developer Central Telegram Group

We have made a few changes to our telegram group. It is now a general lobby chat type of group where members can interact with each other and discuss general software development, share interesting articles, exchange ideas and promote their work.

In addition to this group, we have also introduced a second group, called Dev Studio. This is more of a focused group for active developers working on projects and those that are looking to start. Members can assist each other in the development of projects, collaborate and offer tips and help for those that are learning.

There is also now an announcements channel so please subscribe to keep up to date with the latest news from the Dev Central team

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