Neblio Community Buildathon Update And Other News

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We would like to start by saying a huge thanks to everyone who is involved with or has helped in some way, with getting our buildathon off the ground. Thanks also to our sponsors, the Neblio community and all our buildathon participants. Here is an update on that and some other bits of news.

We now have a talented group of developers and other tech specialists at Developer Central and we are still growing. Our goal and long term aim, is about promoting the use and adoption of blockchain technology in applications and we are starting to see this happen, with our participants in the buildathon, (currently around 15) integrating the Neblio blockchain in their projects. As we grow towards 100 members in our discord group, we continue to reach out to the wider developer community, helping to promote indie studios and solo devs as well as inform them of the benefits of utilizing the Neblio platform in a variety of interesting ways.

With Neblio’s developer focused framework, projects can be built with minimal learning curve, compared to many other chains and those using proprietary programming languages. We’ve spoken previously about Neblio’s amazing multi-API support and are pleased to say, that having a general scope of what developers in our group are working on, we are aware of apps and games being written in C#, JavaScript and Python. That is only the little that we do know so far, from buildathon participants working on projects that have disclosed a little info. Neblio can support up to eight of the most popular languages so it’s quite likely a programmer will know at least one of them. It is our goal to see a lot more active development in the coming weeks and months, beyond this event, which will hopefully serve as a catalyst to a lot more on chain activity.

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Neblio API upgrade from December 2019 for developers

In addition to reaching out to developers and studios, we are also connecting with content creators and tech focused media and independent blogs. As a tech community, we want to be an inclusive group that is networking with the brightest minds in this industry, both experienced and those starting out and the idea is that we can begin to connect, build, collaborate and promote as we move forward. We view blockchain as a key component of future projects that will converge many key technologies such as VR/AR/XR, IoT, AI, Cloud, Spatial computing etc. This should result in many new types of applications being built.

In a predominately tech focused age, we will need solutions that can help people in everyday situations and as the connected infrastructure around us continues to develop and expand, creating newer kinds of applications will soon be possible. We believe Neblio can be at the forefront, providing solutions related to supply chain, finance, records management, medical, automotive, agriculture and secure food tracking from farm to table, eSports and gaming, scientific research and many others.

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In a previous post, we published an initial setup guide for Unity3D developers. This article includes a quickstart guide and a download which helps to integrate the Neblio core wallet within minutes, directly into a Unity project. It was created by Neblio Demos, a Developer Central partner, that creates tutorials, use case examples and Neblio integration videos. Big shout out to them for creating this awesome setup guide for Unity game developers, who we are sure will start using Neblio based NFT solutions within their games.

Buildathon registrations are still open and rolling so it’s not too late to participate. If you feel you have a great concept, why not create a team, then get your registration in for a shot at winning some great prizes! We hope to start seeing projects being submitted next month so keep a look out as we will showcase all submissions and get ready for the judging phase of the event. More news coming soon so stay tuned!

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