Neblio Buildathon Community Prize And Third Place Winner Links Up With Nexus Aurora

Fresh from their prize winning exploits in our Neblio Community Buildathon event, scooping up a handful of prizes and finishing third place overall, Bolas Mars Society are on a mission! No sooner has a week passed and they have already linked up with Global Aerospace Innovation Network, Nexus Aurora. They are now part of a global network of other Space and Mars projects.

The group is home to Aerospace engineers, architects, game developers and artists. The aim is to onboard more personnel that can help them better recreate a more authentic and explorable virtual Mars with their project, Mars One: Genesis. Having real Aerospace engineers and architects is going to greatly benefit the Mars One team thanks to the advice and hands on experience from those actually working in this field.

As you can see, both parties are extremely excited to be working together and are determined to create the most authentic Mars simulation the world has ever seen. It is clear to see that the Bolas Mars Society are taking this project seriously and are aiming BIG.

Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing project. We are also tracking the other Buildathon teams who are currently busy with project development so more news to come soon.

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