Lume Pad 3D Lightfield Tablet Dev Channel Now Added To Our Discord Server

A few days ago we came across a very interesting piece of hardware that utilizes lightfield technology embedded in a display panel, which allows for outputting high resolution 3D holographic imagery, without needing glasses to view it. The effect is quite striking and opens up many possibilities for app and game developers, artists, engineers to create unique holographic apps that are unlike anything we have ever seen. For example, take a look at this piece of art, made by 3D and VR artist Rosie Summers. The work was originally created in virtual reality and adapted to display stunningly in the Lume pad 3D tablet. You can clearly see the depth effect in the clip below.

So what is Lightfield technology? According to the guys over at Leia Inc:

Lightfield is the next generation medium that lets you experience 3D imagery with a natural sensation of depth and feel for textures, materials and lights — with no eye-wear required.
It makes you feel content like never before, adding emotional connection in a digital world, making memories become more present, connections more human, and life, much richer.

What is a light field?

The light field is a vector function that describes the amount of light flowing in every direction through every point in space. The space of all possible light rays is given by the five-dimensional plenoptic function, and the magnitude of each ray is given by the radiance. Michael Faraday was the first to propose (in an 1846 lecture entitled “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations”[1]) that light should be interpreted as a field, much like the magnetic fields on which he had been working for several years. The phrase light field was coined by Andrey Gershun in a classic paper on the radiometric properties of light in three-dimensional space (1936).


Check out how lightfield tech can scale to provide practical and futuristic solutions in the automotive industry.

As a blockchain focused developer group, building applications integrating the powerful and scalable Neblio blockchain Platform, we are brainstorming ways in which solutions can be created and resolved in lightfield based hardware such as the Lume Pad 3D. Since applications can be converted to output as a 3D holographic image and apps can be natively built using the Lume Pad SDK in software platforms like Unity3D, we feel that some of the developers working on existing and even future projects could make use of this new hardware class and medium. Some obvious types of blockchain powered apps that could converge well with lightfield tech hardware, would be gaming and NFT art displayed in a 3D holographic gallery.

We are excited to explore the possibilities of building applications for this new and evolutionary display technology and welcome developers to join our group, if currently creating software for the Lume Pad, or would like to brainstorm ideas with us. We are all about collaborating with the software dev community, whatever field of development they are working in, regardless of level of experience or scale, solo indie devs, to indie studios, to bigger studios and teams are all welcome. Check us out in our discord server and come in and say hi!




Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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