Initial Neblio Integration Setup Guide for Unity Developers

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Here is an initial setup guide by the Neblio Demos team, for Unity Developers that wish to integrate the Neblio blockchain in their projects.

For all Unity devs looking to integrate Neblio into Unity I thought it would be useful to give a step by step guide for the initial setup.

1) Download this file and extract the Neblio folder on to your desktop. These are the required DLL’s to interact with the Neblio C# API.
2) Start a new unity project. Drag the Neblio folder into your Unity Assets directory.
3) To test all is working create an empty game object. In this game object create a new c# script. Open the script in Visual Studio.
4) To begin with add the following namespaces in addition to the existing Unity namespaces:

using System;
using Neblio.API.Api;
using Neblio.API.Client;
using Neblio.API.Model;

5) Now add the following to your Start() method ensuring you enter your desired Neblio address on the 2nd line:

var apiInstance = new InsightApi();
var address = ""; //change to your address

// Returns address balance in sats
var result = apiInstance.GetAddressBalance(address);
catch (Exception e)
Debug.Log("Exception when calling InsightApi.GetAddressBalance: " + e.Message);

6) Back in the unity editor press play. You should see the NEBL balance in sats for your address displayed in the console.

You can now use all of the available calls to the Neblio rest API as well as RPC to communicate with your node. That is you all setup and ready to begin integrating Neblio into your masterpiece!

Neblio Non Fungible Tokens in action

Learn more about Non Fungible Tokens and how they can be integrated into Unity 3D projects

For more Neblio integration tutorials and use case examples, subscribe to the fantastic Neblio Demos YouTube channel.

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