Forging Ahead As Buildathon Winner Forge Platform Now Has A Dedicated Dev Central Discord Channel

We do not hang around at Dev Central and after a great inaugural Neblio Community Buildathon, we have been in contact with the Forge team, and have added a dedicated channel within our discord server, for all things related to the upcoming Forge platform. This is an exciting time for us and the Neblio blockchain, as development on the NFT wallet and game engine integration SDK is happening as we speak. Developers will be able to integrate the Neblio Blockchain easily into their projects and offer client side signing IN GAME instead of the need for a separate node! This is an innovate solution and will enable players to easily and seamlessly make in-game transactions and store their coins in a fully integrated custom wallet solution. To learn more about Forge and what other features are on the way, visit this link

Expect to see a more feature rich version of Forge at some point in the new year with beta builds dropping by the end of this year. Any developers and game studios interested in learning more about Forge, head over to the Dev Central Discord server, where you will see the dedicated Forge Platform channel in the Game engines & other dev platforms category. We are looking forward to seeing the Forge Platform with all the new and amazing features in all it’s glory.

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