Details Emerge On New Neblio Integrated App

The past few days a software developer has released some details about a new application, which is due to go live some time next week.

There was not too much given away in that post but it did mention that the Neblio network would begin seeing some 300–400 metadata transactions per day through this app!

More details have emerged which shed a little more light about what industry it is targeting and an overview of what it will actually do.

From what we can see, the application will be used to track the service history of agricultural machinery on the Neblio blockchain. It aims to replace existing paper based methods of records keeping and data management in this industry. Verifying such data at the point of receiving it is not so easy to do using these time worn methods. This is where blockchain comes in and it will change the way important data is recorded and stored, keeping a record of a sale, change of ownership, or maintenance data logs safely and securely stored on the blockchain.

This is exactly the kind of use case, which the Neblio blockchain is built and optimised for. Blockchain will indeed bring about a paradigm shift for how product data is recorded, stored and distributed and we are reaching a point where we won’t have to visualize how that is done, but will actually see first hand in practical terms, via metadata transactions over the Neblio blockchain network.

The developer has also hinted at using the core tech, to build other applications for different industries using his system. The prospect of using it in the multi-billion dollar automotive industry for example, would be another interesting and practical use case utilising Neblio’s enterprise grade blockchain technology.

We will have more information about this app in the coming days and looking forward to seeing it in action, with a technical overview of how it works.



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