Buildathon Update And Duration Extension

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Just a quick update about the buildathon. We have seen many developers show interest in our event, from all areas of software development, such as web and game/studios, mobile app, even cybersecurity, AI and IoT and other fields.

Whilst some have actually signed up to participate, others have expressed their interest, depending on time and may still come in if they have a little more to work through a concept and develop it.

We also understand that blockchain is somewhat of a curve ball and so we feel we should allow a little more time for research and experimentation, just in case participants need to familiarise themselves with the tech. We would like to say however, that some developers from non blockchain backgrounds have picked up the basics in a very short time and are now hard at work, putting their projects together. This is because Neblio, as explained in previous articles, is an extremely developer friendly platform to utilize and integrate into projects. For example, devs writing code in C# and Python can continue to code in these languages, whilst integrating Neblio features and tokens into their apps and games. What we have been trying to do is get this point across to the community and we are starting to see some progress.

We believe that Buildathon participants should be afforded the extra time if needed to conceptualise, develop and submit a well developed project, fully integrating a blockchain based solution. This is why we will be extending the event by a month so these are the adjusted dates to make a note of. (Dates will also be modified on the event timeline on the Buildathon website) registrations will remain open as well as prize fund donations for anyone that wants to contribute.

Submissions window opens/closes 16–31 October

Judging begins/ends 1–8 November

Winners announced 9 November

We are looking forward to all the great entries! Good luck everyone!

Useful links

Buildathon FAQ

Registration instructions

Buildathon website

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