Buildathon Project 3: Introducing Forge Wallet by Neblio Demos

Team Name/Studio: Neblio Demos
Name of Project: Forge Wallet (Working title)
Website/Social Media: YouTube Website

Description: This is my entry for the Neblio Buildathon 2020.

Inspired by the buildathon to get back to building on Neblio, this is the beginning of a NFT platform build on top of the Neblio blockchain. It is my intention to continue to develop this platform and launch as a finished product in the 1st quarter of 2021. I have been working on lots of features during the buildathon but they are unfortunately not yet ready to show. I will release a roadmap nearer the launch time. I will also be scouting for beta testers after the new year so if you are interested please DM me on Discord.

The Forge platform looks to achieve easy adoption by game developers by offering an extremely simple integration into their games. It removes much of the low-level hassle and allows for all necessary blockchain functionality in just a few lines of code.

A few key features are:

Web wallet — developers and players of their games can hold and transfer NFT’s, as well as Nebl coins and NTP1 tokens. (This prototype demonstrates just some of the final functionality)

Unity plugin — easy integration for game developers.

Low cost NFT minting — game developers can create an unlimited number of their own NFT’s for a low price.

Client-side signing — game developers can develop games that create and sign transactions client side or on their own server. This removes the need for a node (as demonstrated in this web wallet).

Fast transactions and low fees — takes advantage of the speed and scalability of the Neblio blockchain. This allows for in-game transactions during the course of play.

Many others that I can’t talk about yet!

I’ve spent most of my time during this Buildathon building the backend of this NFT platform, therefore much of the work is in the background and not immediately obvious. However, this web wallet uses many of the Forge platform’s features.

You can try out the wallet by going to this link

This wallet is fully functional but consider it a prototype. Have a play around sending and receiving NEBL or NTP1 Tokens. Now in terms of NFT’s please send Lots of work is still to go into the UI, adding additional features, security, and general optimization. In terms of security it should be fine for a couple of NEBL or NFT’s that do not currently have a great deal of value. Please don’t transfer over your NEBL holdings to this wallet!

Let me know your new address on Discord and I’ll shoot over some tokens. Regards NFT’s, DM me a picture (300x300px), name, and a description. From that I’ll mint you your very own NFT which can then be held in this wallet or transferred between Forge wallets

Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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