Buildathon Project 2: Introducing Mars One: Genesis by Bolas Mars Society

  • Mars One: Genesis is a web based, 3D simulation of the Genesis Base, the first settlement on the planet Mars. The map and terrain covered in the simulation will be large, spanning nearly ¼ of the planet’s surface. The technology of the Base and Rovers will be based on projections for the year 2030. The Genesis Base will house a variety of Rovers, manned and unmanned, that can be used to explore the Planet Mars. To use the Rovers players will need to send any amount of NEBL to an address to unlock a paywall and gain access to the Rover.
  • As part of Phase I the Mars One: Genesis simulation will begin with a large area to be explored by Rovers but future additions will add further depth, resources and complexity to the simulation. The additional parts of the simulation are outlined below:
  • Phase I — Create a web-based Mars environment, the surface level of the Genesis Base that includes a docking bay, and Rovers. The Rovers’ used will be connected to an NTP1 Token.
  • Phase II — Additional factors will be added to the simulation that includes things such as; environmental, and findable resources. May add additional collectible cryptographic tokens, representing resources in the simulation in the form of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). Adding activities /missions on the planet surface to recover resources, fix solar panels, rescue colonists, explore caverns, scan the ground for resources, building bases and infrastructure and mining.
  • Phase III — Build out and expand the underground portions of the Genesis base to include habitats, chemical storage, atmosphere, water treatment, farms and a retail main street. Add 3D real estate renting to store fronts and additionally populate the stores with useful services for the simulation. Many of these businesses may run off the same NTP1 token used for the Rover further expanding its economic footprint. We would also like to add in NPC (Non Player Characters) to add more personality to the simulation.
  • Phase IV — Launch pads that allow users to travel to different simulations, other planets, asteroids etc.
The three mountains beyond Olympus Mons are collectively known as the Tharsis Montes and are each larger than any mountain on Earth. The mountains in this region are large shell volcanoes similar to ones found on Earth but much larger.
Genesis Base sitting in the textured Mars Terrain



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