Buildathon project 1: Introducing BloodMoon by IntegrumX

Team Name/Studio: IntegrumX
Name of Project: BloodMoon
Social media: Twitter YouTube

Description: BloodMoon is a FPS game, with the idea that microtransactions can be completely done using nft tokens. Although to benefit from the game as a studio/creator, there is going to be a price put on the tokens, as well as attempts to push the need of using them as well. I have in this experimental version of the game, implemented some scripts, to get the number of available Neblio based tokens based on token ID. Now The token ID is to be specified at the start of the game, as we don’t yet have enough supply or a robust payment system to distribute the tokens, the game is still in an early developmental stage.

I have also linked a youtube video explaining how the game works. a config file is needed for the neblio qt wallet on the machine for this game to run, and the wallet should have at least one nft token (not testnet).

A better fleshed out demo build will be released at some point next year, as development will continue as I work towards a final feature packed release.

Due to the experimental nature of this build, Game and setup files won’t be made available for general download. This entry will be tested internally by Buildathon judges. If you would like to try out the build, get in touch with a Dev Central rep in our discord server or other social media channels and files will be made available on request.

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