Blogging on the Neblio Blockchain with VE NFT

Centralised Blogging and Social Media Platforms

When you think blogging, you think of platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr and of course not forgetting Medium itself is also a great choice since it is our preferred option for getting Neblio related news and stories out to the world. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also used to publish content and provides an opportunity for building a community of like minded people, around your posting activity.

Anonymous Blogging Platforms

There are alternatives to the most popular and commonly used centralized blogging and social media platforms and those are offered by alternative sites, companies and orgamisations such as (from the owners of Telegram) Notepin, Lyfster, Vent and others. These platforms enable bloggers to hide their personal info, without the need to sign up and can pretty much open the editor and begin blogging.

Enter Blockchain Powered Content Publication

  1. No centralised servers
  2. No mining or selling of user data
  3. No moderation/deletion of your content by third parties
  4. You have full control and rights over your content



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