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One click metadata encryption. Image from Encrypted metadata announcement article

A few days ago, we came across an example of an encrypted metadata transaction on the Neblio blockchain by an entity called GIVASIT INC.

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The past few days a software developer has released some details about a new application, which is due to go live some time next week.

NFTs, Mars missions, robots! It’s all happening on Neblio in 2021!

It’s the new year and things are getting very interesting in the world of Neblio dApp and game development. We are pleased to see the three winning entries from the Neblio buildathon are still grinding hard and working on their projects. The winning entry, Forge, has been forging ahead with development and are releasing their Neblio layer 2 NFT art and gaming platform on February 1st in beta. …

By Dongsuk Lee

We aren’t all just about software development here at Neblio Dev Central, as we have talented and visionary people from all areas of the tech and creative industries, promoting their work and collaborating on game changing projects. Lately our community members have been super impressed by some of the incredible VR and crypto artwork that is making it’s way on to the web and social media sites. We are amazed by all the cool mind bending art made in VR and we want to see more of it, but also want to get to know the people creating it. …

A few days ago we came across a very interesting piece of hardware that utilizes lightfield technology embedded in a display panel, which allows for outputting high resolution 3D holographic imagery, without needing glasses to view it. The effect is quite striking and opens up many possibilities for app and game developers, artists, engineers to create unique holographic apps that are unlike anything we have ever seen. For example, take a look at this piece of art, made by 3D and VR artist Rosie Summers. The work was originally created in virtual reality and adapted to display stunningly in the…

Fresh from their prize winning exploits in our Neblio Community Buildathon event, scooping up a handful of prizes and finishing third place overall, Bolas Mars Society are on a mission! No sooner has a week passed and they have already linked up with Global Aerospace Innovation Network, Nexus Aurora. They are now part of a global network of other Space and Mars projects.

We do not hang around at Dev Central and after a great inaugural Neblio Community Buildathon, we have been in contact with the Forge team, and have added a dedicated channel within our discord server, for all things related to the upcoming Forge platform. This is an exciting time for us and the Neblio blockchain, as development on the NFT wallet and game engine integration SDK is happening as we speak. Developers will be able to integrate the Neblio Blockchain easily into their projects and offer client side signing IN GAME instead of the need for a separate node! This…

Read on to find out.

The 2020 Neblio Community Buildathon began as an idea thought up by members of the Neblio community back in June. After brainstorming ideas on the format we would use for the event, things started to accelerate and gain traction. The event itself would be community run and funded and after a successful crowdfund campaign, we managed to raise a decent amount of NEBL tokens for a prize fund which was to be shared out with three winners, the first placed team winning the biggest share of tokens. …

Team Name/Studio: Neblio Demos
Name of Project: Forge Wallet (Working title)
Website/Social Media: YouTube Website

Description: This is my entry for the Neblio Buildathon 2020.

Inspired by the buildathon to get back to building on Neblio, this is the beginning of a NFT platform build on top of the Neblio blockchain. It is my intention to continue to develop this platform and launch as a finished product in the 1st quarter of 2021. I have been working on lots of features during the buildathon but they are unfortunately not yet ready to show. I will release a roadmap nearer…

Team Name: Bolas Mars Society
Name of Project: Mars One: Genesis
Social media: Twitter Discord Instagram YouTube


  • Mars One: Genesis is a web based, 3D simulation of the Genesis Base, the first settlement on the planet Mars. The map and terrain covered in the simulation will be large, spanning nearly ¼ of the planet’s surface. The technology of the Base and Rovers will be based on projections for the year 2030. The Genesis Base will house a variety of Rovers, manned and unmanned, that can be used to explore the Planet Mars. …


Community based developer group, building apps and exploring use cases on the Neblio Blockchain

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